The Drinking Girl’s Guide to Hell: Spring Fashions!


Remember clothes? From before they invented the Snuggie?

Me neither. All I know is that nowadays, to keep up with “people” and “laws” and such, I have to forage for napkins and rain gear and whatnot to shield my chunky parts from the elements — not to mention from the prying eyes of those hoity-toity folks in the grocery store, who clearly have no imagination when it comes to off-label uses for coffee filters.

If you, too, need to leave the house from time to time, you’re probably asking yourself the same questions I am: “Are sock puppets appropriate footwear for sentencing hearings?” “Have I put enough scotch tape on this hospital gown this time?” “Is it winter?”

You’re not alone! Here are a few ideas for clothes-like cover-ups fashioned from everyday items. Not only will these easy-to-wear outfits help you stretch your clothing dollars to cover that trip down the liquor aisle, they’ll also make you stand out from the riff-raff — very handy when you find yourself on the wrong side of a foreign tribunal by accident!


Why not just wear your home, like those rabid jumbo snails they found in Texas! Roomy enough for one, and keeps those nasty fluids out… or in!

Springbar Cabana

Springbar Cabana (Photo credit: Earthworm)

Perfect for the liquor store, or anywhere you need to stay focused. Comes in handy as a funnel too!

The Cone of Shame

(Photo credit: MoHotta18)

Summer’s coming! A few of these make for a festive casual outfit and provide important protection from sharp corners.

English: teddy bear in swim ring Deutsch: Tedd...

Teddybär im Schwimring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The classics never go out of style!



What you need to go along with your new wardrobe is a drink that won’t weigh you down. Stir up a few of these, and you’ll be fitting into your living room curtains in no time!


Diet Gin & Tonic



  1. Pour gin in glass.
  2. Throw out tonic.
  3. Drink gin.


Diet Rum & Coke



  1. Pour rum in glass.
  2. Throw out coke.
  3. Drink rum.


Diet Whiskey



  1. Pour whiskey in glass.
  2. Drink whiskey.


Well, I could go on and on! But I’ve got trash bags to hem.

Ciao for now, bellas!

Tomorrow: I wouldn’t get your hopes up. 

This is day  17  of the “Race to Cure Crankiness” post-a-day challenge. I have earned  $0.15  toward a facelift & bottle of whiskey.


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